Engdenton, specializing in manufacturing various kinds of water purifying equipment: RO system, counter top water purifier, faucet mount purifier, shower purifier, filter cartridge and their components, is located in Foshan city, Guangdong province. We have more than 10 years’s of experience in the water purification industry and we are the OEM&ODM provider to some world famous brands now. The continuous efforts on R&D and the high standard on our quality control brings our long-term and reliable orders from all over the world including Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Middle East, South America, Oceania. We are thus confident of our ability to satisfy all the customers with our competitive product together with our approvals of CE, NSF, ROHS, etc., as well as ISO9002 Quality Assurance System. 

Our products have won enormous fame in both the domestic and overseas markets for exclusive service and high-quality products. We may customize our machines according to different international standards.